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Frequently Asked Questions

1) When my pre-existing dealer is registering on the application, he is being asked to enter all registration details and his registration is showing “Approval Pending”. Why is this happening?
Solution: All existing dealers have been pre-registered on the application. If they are still facing issue, then they must be using a different phone number to log-in. Please call depot and ask on which phone number dealer is registered.

2) My dealer wants to change pre-registered phone number. How can I do this?
Solution: Inform depot of new phone number. Depot will forward to HO.

3) My app is showing empty products list. What should I do?
Solution: Uninstall app and install new version. Make sure you have good internet connection.

4) My phone is not receiving OTP. What should I do?
Solution: Please make sure you are in a location with good network and try again after some time. If still issue is face, restart phone and try again. For opening app, dealer has to add OTP only once on his phone.

5) I am trying to enroll a new dealer. What is the process for this?
Solution: Ask dealer to register in Aries Everywhere app and fill all required details. Then call depot to approve the dealer in their depot.

6) Can a new dealer participate in online Booking scheme?
Solution: Yes. As soon as their registration is approved by depot, they only need to refresh their screen and they can proceed to online Booking Scheme.

7) Where can I see my dealer’s booking information?
Solution: For now, the booking information is available in dealer app and depot web portal. Later, this booking information will be made available to each and every staff who is assigned to the dealer.

8) If my dealer stopped booking mid-way. Will his booking be saved?
Solution: Yes. It will be saved in his phone.

9) Is the Aries everywhere application available on iOS/Apple devices?
Solution: iOS App will be released next week. Temporarily please use Android for app access.

10) My dealer has made less booking earlier and submitted it, but now wants to change his booking. How can he do this?
Solution: For now booking cannot be changed if submitted. We will introduce a new feature next week by which depot can re-activate booking of dealer. Then the booking will again be editable in the dealer app.

11) Is Aries Everywhere only for Online Booking Scheme?
Solution: No. There are more features which will be explained in further training sessions.